Vision Enhancement: A Comprehensive Guide to Refractive Surgery Options

Megan Sage, CNP | 08/31/2023

Learn about refractive surgery options available at ART Vision to help you minimize your dependence on contacts and glasses.


How Do You Choose the Right Eye Surgeon for a Refractive Lens Exchange?

Megan Sage, CNP | 08/16/2023

Choosing an eye surgeon for clear vision is an important decision. Learn the things you should consider when booking your RLE surgery.


A Remarkable Journey of Eye Recovery after a Firework Accident

Megan Sage, CNP | 07/27/2023

Client shares his remarkable eye surgery story after a firework accident.


Dry Eye Awareness Month: Taking Steps Towards Comfort and Clarity

Megan Sage, CNP | 07/20/2023

Read more about dry eye symptoms and treatment options available from Dr. Tendler and the ART Vision team.


Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Alison R. Tendler

Megan Sage, CNP | 07/14/2023

Learn more about the unique surgery process with Dr. Alison R. Tendler at ART Vision.


Regaining Clarity: A Comprehensive Guide to Cataract Surgery at ART Vision

Megan Sage, CNP | 06/12/2023

Regaining Clarity: A Comprehensive Guide to Cataract Surgery at ART Vision


Seeing Floaters in Your Vision? Here’s What to Know...

Megan Sage, CNP | 05/17/2023

Dr. Tendler describes the inconvenience of floaters and what can be done to treat them.


Lose the Lenses: Options for Optimizing Your Vision

Dr. Alison Tendler | 01/11/2023

As we age our vision can become less clear and necessitate the need for glasses, however, you may have options with Dr. Tendler at ART Vision.


How to Manage Dry Eye Disease

Megan Sage, CNP | 07/18/2022

Even though July is national Dry Awareness month, Dry Eye is an issue-year round


The Beauty of Office-Based Surgery


Ophthalmologist, Dr. Alison Tendler and host Jason, talk about Office-Based Surg


A Glimpse into Your Vision Correction Options

Megan Sage, CNP | 05/02/2022

Are you dreading having to wear your glasses or contacts as summer is approaching? Learn about your vision correction options with ART Vision.


Blepharitis: An Ugly Symptom of Dry Eyes

Megan Sage, CNP | 02/21/2022

Blepharitis: An Ugly Symptom of Dry Eyes


Presbyopia: Age-related Vision Changes

Megan Sage, CNP | 01/31/2022

Why does our vision change with age?


'Tis the Season...For Dry Eyes!

Megan Sage, CNP | 11/30/2021

How the winter months can cause difficulty with dry eyes.


The ART Vision Difference: Why Patients Choose ART Vision

Megan Sage, CNP | 11/02/2021

Hear from Dr. Tendler and her patients about what they love about ART Vision.


October is Eye Injury Prevention Month: Ways to Keep your Eyes Safe from Harm

Megan Sage, CNP | 10/03/2021

October has been deemed Eye Injury Prevention Month. Keep your eyes safe from harm with these tips and tricks.


September is Healthy Aging Month: Ways to Keep your Aging Eyes Healthy

Megan Sage, CNP | 08/27/2021

Learn about common age-related changes and how to keep your vision healthy.


Gut Health and Vision: How our Microbiome Affects our Eyes

Megan Sage, CNP | 07/07/2021

Learn how a healthy gut can decrease your risk of vision-related issues.


AccuTite: A New Option for Cosmetic Eye Enhancement

Megan Sage, CNP | 05/23/2021

Learn about AccuTite, the newest offering for the delicate skin around your eyes


Dry Eye Treatment: BroadBand Light and ThermiEyes

Megan Sage, CNP | 04/26/2021

Learn how a combination treatment may offer relief from dry eye symptoms.


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