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Ptosis Repair (Drooping Eyelid) in Sioux Falls, SD

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About Ptosis Repair

The drooping of the upper eyelid on one or both eyes is called ptosis and is caused by weakness and/or stretching of the muscles and structures within the eyelid. This is most commonly caused by aging, but could develop after an injury, or be congenital or genetic. In any effect, ART Vision and Dr. Alison R. Tendler can help treat the condition with a surgical procedure that repairs the stretched muscle or tendon. As a board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Tendler is highly skilled in the performance of oculoplastic procedures, such as ptosis repair, which is often combined with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).  This procedure can produce results that not only improve function of the eyelid and visual lifestlye, but can also help patients appear more refreshed and youthful. To learn more about the benefits of ptosis repair, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tendler at our Sioux Falls, SD facility today.

Best Candidates

Those most likely to benefit from ptosis repair have drooping eyelids that may cause them difficulty keeping their eyes open, affecting their field of vision. Patients should be in overall good health, with conditions such as thyroid and diabetic diseases well managed.   Surgery is best performed on those who are non-smokers as well as patients who are not on blood thinning medications (or who can safely stop them). Men and women who wish to have this addressed by a skilled surgeon should schedule a consultation at ART Vision with Dr. Tendler to find out if the surgery is an ideal solution for them, and to discuss realistic goals and expectations. She may also discuss other non-invasive and non-surgical aesthetic options that can either be performed at the same time as surgery or during a visit to ARTisan Skin and Laser Center to help maximize and improve upon your view of yourself. 

Procedure Technique

The procedure technique used to complete a ptosis repair surgery is often combined with a blepharoplasty but can be done as a stand alone procedure.  It is performed using local anesthesia and will be combined with mild sedation for optimal comfort.   Your incisions will either be palced on the upper eyelid, hidden in a natual lid fold, or be placed on the back side of your eyelid.  Throgh these incsiions, mall incision, Dr. Tendler will reposition the muscles and/or cartilage of the eyelid before closing the incisions.  


It is recommended that you begin using cold compresses immediately after surgery to help keep swelling and bruising at bay. Most people have minimal discomfort but can experience blurry and fluctuating vision, foreign body sensation, and dryness. This gets better quickly. Depending upon your healing progress, you can plan to return to work or drive in a matter of days.  Dr. Tendler also recommends patients refrain from exercise or vigorous activity during the recovery period. Your follow-up appointment will be between 10-14 days after surgery and this visit is important so our team can ensure you are healing properly. Patients often note an immediate improvement in their visual field, as well as results that help them feel more confident, while still looking natural.  

See and Feel Better

Drooping eyelids can be challenging and cause unnecessary self-confidence issues, as well as not seeing the world around you fully. But Dr. Tendler and the team at ART Vision can help you feel better and see with more clarity using carefully performed oculoplastic techniques at our Sioux Falls, SD facility. During your consultation, learn what options will be best for you to achieve your visual goals, which may include ptosis repair. We look forward to meeting you and providing you with the results you deserve to live the life that you want so you can See the World Better and See yourself Better.

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