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About Eyelid Conditions

At ART Vision in Sioux Falls, SD, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for your eyes on the inside and out. If you are suffering from an eyelid condition that has led to lumps and bumps on your eyes, causes irritation, or creates excessive tearing (epiphora), Dr. Alison Tendler, a board-certified ophthalmologist, and her dedicated team are equipped to treat your condition with an effective minor surgery that will help you feel better. Lesions around the eyes are typically noncancerous but may obstruct your line of sight, affect your vision, or cause mild irritation and discomfort. Excessive tearing is not only bothersome, it can create irritation and decrease your vision.  If any of these symptoms are something that you are experiencing, we would be glad to introduce you to the team at ART Vision who can diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan.  Contact ART Vision today to schedule an appointment.

Common Eyelid Conditions

Dr. Tendler is experienced in the treatment of many eyelid conditions. Some of the most commonly seen lesions are listed below.  

Chalazion A lump that grows slowly and is caused by the blockage and/or swelling of an oil gland. Over time, the bump may grow as large as the size of a pea. Though they are not typically painful or infected, they are often a sign of another condition related to Dry Eye, or meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).  They may cause a temporary change in vision, inflammation and redness, discomfort when blinking and a lack of self-confidence.

Styes Similar to a chalazion, these are small red lesions that form along the eyelid, close to the lashes and sometimes inside or under the eyelid. While they are typically not serious, they can be uncomfortable and irritating.

Benign Skin Growths - There are multiple common, small, yet unwanted growths that can occur around the eyelids and lashes.  Types of benign skin lesions may include skin tags, nevi/mole, papilloma/wart, and cysts. These typically are more bothersome for your self-confidence than pose any concern, but having an evaluation with Dr. Tendler and her team at ART Vision can help diagnose the eyelid condition you have and decide on treatment options to provide you relief.    

Trichiasis - Although not super common, this condition occurs when the eyelashes are turned inward towards the eye, which can create irritation, redness, and tearing.  A constant foreign body sensation, or scratching, is often noted every time you blink.  

Excessive Tearing (Epiphora) - Excessive tearing has multiple causes, the most common one being dry eye, or ocular surface disease.  Other reasons for an overproduction of tears include abnormalities in eyelid position, extra conjunctiva, and a blocked tear drainage system.  At ART Vision, we know this can not only be physically bothersome, this can create lifestyle concerns and decrease your self-confidence.  Dr. Tendler and her team look forward to helping you diagnose the reason for your excess tearing, and come up with a treatment plan for relief.



Best Candidates

Patients who make the best candidates for the treatment of an eyelid conditions are men and women whose vision or comfort is affected by a lump or bump near their eye, or are experiencing symptoms of irritation or vision concerns. Dr. Tendler may also recommend treatment if your self-confidence is affected by the condition. ART Vision strives to protect your vision, as well as your overall health. Therefore, if we believe that treatment is not in your best interest, we may recommend other treatment options. During your consultation, a member of our team will assess your eyelid condition and discuss your medical history.  After this information is attained, Dr. Tendler will be prepared to recommend a course of action.

Treatment Options

For eyelid lesions, minor surgical removal is often the best way to address them, but sometimes at home treatments can also be beneficial including hot compresses, eyelid cleansing, and prescription medications. Depending on the location and associated symptoms, Dr. Tendler or a member of her team may address the lesions by excision (removal) or drainage.  In many cases, stitches are not necessary, and scarring is often not an issue with proper at home care.  

Although trichiasis can be treated with epilation, or direct removal, of the lashes, a more permanent option is often sought.  Selective lash destruction, or electrolysis, can be performed with an in-office treatment while keeping the normal lashes and eyelid anatomy intact.

Due to the multifactorial causes of excessive tearing, or epiphora, there are also many treatment options that can be discussed. Once Dr. Tendler has carefully evaluated your condition, she will determine which options she feels are best to help improve your symptoms and move you towards feeling better.




If an eyelid lesion is surgically removed, antibiotic ointment or eye drops are often prescribed to protect the incision against potential infection and improve post-operative healing. Full healing often occurs within 1 week of the procedure. For all eye lid conditions discussed above, patients are able to return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure as they feel able.

Comprehensive Eye Care

Most individuals will experience at least one condition involving an unwanted eyelid "lump or bump"  in their life, and in most cases they do not require treatment or special attention. But when you suffer from an eyelid condition that affects your vision, creates irritation, excessive tearing or impacts your self-confidence due to your appearance, ART Vision is here to help. Schedule a consultation today at our Sioux Falls, SD facility if you have an eyelid condition that is affecting your lifestyle, and Dr. Tendler will be glad to create a treatment plan that helps you confidently See the World Better and See Yourself Better.


Aesthetic Services

Dr. Alison R. Tendler is experienced in a vast array of eyelid and other elective aesthetic procedures. Visit ARTisan Skin and Laser Center to learn more.

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