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About Entro & Ectropion

Entropion and ectropion are eyelid conditions that affect your lower lids, imapcting your overall eye health and vision and can cause discomfort. Entropion tends to more bothersome as it affects the lower eyelid and leads it to turn inward toward the surface of the eye, causing the eyelashes and lid to rub against the eye. This may lead to chronic red eyes, constant irritation, and the overproduction of tears. Although an ectropion is much more common, it progresses more slowly over time, and therefore seems less bothersome. This does not mean it is less of an issue!  Ectropion causes the lower eyelid to slowly pull down or turn outward, which can expose too much of the eye surface, leading to symptoms of dry eye, excessive tear production, and red eye. Patients often report a constant burning sensation associated with ectropion.

When your eyelids curl inward or outward, your eyes can become irritated and cause inflammation and even pain. Dr. Alison Tendler, a board-certified ophthalmologist and the medical director at ART Vision in Sioux Falls, SD, is skilled in the treatment of entropion and ectropion. She offers effective treatment options that will help you improve your visual lifestyle while correcting the underlying cause of your discomfort. Learn more about these eyelid conditions below, then contact our helpful team to schedule your consultation.


You may consider scheduling an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Tendler if you are experiencing these symptoms:

  • Inflammation of the eye, including a redness
  • "Infection" of the eye
  • Burning sensation
  • Excessive tearing
  • Dry eye symptoms
  • The irregular inward or outward curvature of the eyelids


Entropion and ectropion are most commonly caused by aging. As we age, our muscles can weaken, becoming stretched or loose, and lead to the unnatural inward or outward curvature responsible for these conditions. Other common causes are medical conditions (such as Bell's palsy), as well as infection, injury, and eye surgeries.  Sleep apnea is also a common culprit. The conditions are most common in older populations, especially in those who also suffer from excess skin around the eyes and drooping eyelids.

Diagnosis and Treatment

After diagnosing the conditions during an eye examination, Dr. Alison Tendler will create a treatment plan, which may include eye drops, ointment, or at home therapy to relive pain and discomfort.  Surgical oculoplastic repair of the condition will also be discussed. Using a minimally invasive surgical technique, Dr. Tendler will gently reshape your eyelid during an outpatient procedure that typically takes less than 30 minutes. Local anesthetic and mild sedation are provided to maximize your comfort.

Cold compresses are used immediately after surgery to help with swelling and bruising.  Detailed home instructions will be provided.  Most people have minimal discomfort but can experience blurry and fluctuating vision, foreign body sensation, and dryness. This gets better quickly. Depending upon your healing progress, you can plan to return to work or drive in a matter of days.  All stitches are dissolvable but you will need to return to our facility for your follow-up visits to ensure adequate healing.   Improvement of symptoms will be discussed.  

Seek Relief Today

At ART Vision, we strive to provide you with the care and relief you need to meet more than just your vision clarity. We offer effective solutions for many of your vision and oculoplastic needs and can help you achieve the relief you need and desire. For more information about entropion and ectropion conditions, or the surgical method used to treat them, contact ART Vision to schedule your consultation at our Sioux Falls, SD facility. We look forward to meeting you so you can begin to See the World Better and See Yourself Better. 

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