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About Hyperopia

Hyperopia, more commonly called farsightedness, affects one in every four Americans and is identified as the inability to clearly see objects or images that are nearby. In most cases, those with farsightedness see well from a distance and have no issues reading street signs while driving but may not be able to clearly read text messages on their phone or a menu at a restaurant. While hyperopia decreases a patients ability to see clearly up close, it can also cause an array of uncomfortable symptoms that work together to decrease your overall quality of life. At ART Vision, led by board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Alison Tendler, our team works to diagnose and treat farsightedness, giving our patients the confidence to live their best lives.


Farsightedness, when left diagnosed, can cause eye strain, often leading to headaches, migraines, and fatigue. Other common symptoms of farsightedness may include:

  • Burning and aching in and behind the eyes.
  • Discomfort when writing, reading, and working at the computer.

If you have been diagnosed with farsightedness and have a prescription for eyeglasses or contacts, but you are still experiencing the symptoms of vision impairment, you can schedule an exam at ART Vision so our team can determine if you are a good candidate for surgical vision correction and discuss your treatment options. 


In most cases, farsightedness is present at birth and is caused by an eye that is shorter than normal or a cornea that has a lower curvature. On a positive note, it is possible for children to outgrow the condition as their eyes continue to grow and develop during their childhood. Farsightedness is highly hereditary and is very likely to be passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes, farsightedness is confused for presbyopia (i.e. age-related near vision loss) in older individuals. However, the two conditions are not connected and are caused by different contributing factors.

Diagnosis and Treatment

After a thorough eye examination and diagnostic testing, Dr. Tendler and her team will create a treatment plan that meets your needs and matches your lifestyle. Before recommending any type of surgical options, we will work to understand your unique needs so that we find a solution that truly works for you. Hyperopia can be treated with surgeries, such as LASIK and PRK, which Dr. Tendler has years of experience in. To learn whether you are a candidate for these procedures, contact our Sioux Falls facility to schedule your consultation.

Sharpen Your Vision

If your need for glasses and contacts are causing unpleasant symptoms and decreasing your overall quality of life, and you would like to reduce or eliminate these vision aides, we highly recommend you schedule a visit to ART Vision in Sioux Falls, SD. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable to provide an eye exam, a diagnosis, and a customized surgery plan to help you achieve clearer vision and obtain the lifestyle of vision you desire. Contact our team to schedule your visit today to see how you can See the World Better and See Yourself Better. 

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