Telehealth Visits

These virtual visits will mirror the same in-office experience you receive with your provider.

Three Easy Steps to Get Started!

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Call or email us to request a teleheath visit.

2. Schedule

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3. Meet

Receive a link to join your telehealth visit once the appointment is confirmed.


Benefits of Telehealth

  • We offer flexible scheduling to reduce the time you take off from work. We currently offer evening and weekend appointments.
  • No wait times. When it's time for your visit, you click on your link emailed to you and you will be directly connected to our team.
  • During this time, most insurance companies are covering these visits just as they would a normal office visit, and some are waiving your copays, co-insurance, and deductible.

How is telehealth used safely?

Not all visits can be effectively conducted remotely. We will only schedule visits via online when the nature of your health concern lends itself to the approach. Studies have repeatedly shown that the health outcomes of virtual visits are just as effective as those conducted in person. You will still get the same amount of time with me as you would at your in-person visit with me.

Easy to use

When it's time for your virtual visit, our team will email or text you a link to your appointment. You click on the link, and you are immediately connected to our team. That's it. No downloads, no codes, no extra software.


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