Clearer Vision without Foggy Glasses: Refractive Surgery Options Part 2

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As we discussed earlier in the month in this blog post, between mask wearing and cold weather, foggy glasses are bringing increasing inconvenience. Fortunately, with the latest advancements in technology, there are several ways to see more clearly without glasses, reading glasses, or contact lenses. At ART Vision, Dr. Tendler specializes in vision correction procedures that can help you achieve independence from your glasses or contact lenses. Because each person’s eyes and vision correction goals are unique, Dr. Tendler and her staff perform a thorough workup and discuss the best options for your individual needs. 

In our last blog post, we discussed a refractive lens exchange (RLE) and refractive cataract surgery. You can view that post here . However, for individuals who are 21-45 years old and have not developed a cataract, Dr. Tendler offers other options to help patients live freely from their glasses or contact lenses.  While many people who hear “vision correction” or “refractive surgery” think of LASIK or PRK, there are other options. 

For patients who are 21-45 years old and desire high quality vision correction, an Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) is a great option. ICLs act like semi-permanent contact lenses and work to correct nearsightedness and/or astigmatism, improving your ability to focus without eyeglasses or contact lenses. While external contact lenses are placed on the surface of the eye, implantable lenses are surgically placed inside the eyes, between the iris and the natural lens. However, if there are any major changes in your vision, the ICLs can be removed as well. An ICL is made from Collamer, which is a biocompatible material. It is a combination of collagen and polymer. This does not cause any side effects or discomfort. Dr. Tendler chose this option for her own eyes. 

There are several benefits of ICLs.  

  • Surgery is brief, safe, and effective. Due to the ease of the procedure, healing time is fast. 
  • Because the lens is placed in the eye, the eye maintains its natural corneal shape and does not disrupt corneal nerves. As a result, this procedure also does not lead to dry eyes. 
  • Because these lenses are made from Collamer, a purified collagen, the chances of rejection, infection, or reaction by the body are very low. 
  • ICLs are low maintenance; as opposed to traditional contact lenses they do not need to be removed and do not require disinfecting or cleaning.

The placement of ICLs occurs during a brief, outpatient surgical procedure performed by Dr. Tendler that take place in the comfort of the office-based surgical suites at ART Vision. 

If you have been considering vision correction surgery, Dr. Tendler can help you improve not only your quality of vision, but your quality of life for years to come. Contact the team at ART Vision to schedule a consultation today to determine if you are a candidate for one of the many vision correction procedures available, so you can See the World Better and See Yourself Better.



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